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Everything You Need to Know About CBD Edibles

Everything You Need to Know About CBD Edibles

With $2.8 billion made in 2020, it is clear that the CBD market is an unstoppable force. 

You may be wondering how something that used to be illegal is now a mainstream supplement. 

The answer is the versatility of CBD products and their benefits.

If you'd like to jump on the CBD wagon then read on to discover everything there is to know about CBD edibles. 

What Is CBD?

At first, you may be confused as to what are CBD edibles exactly. Are they related to traditional cannabis?

To put it simply yes. CBD (cannabidiol) comes from the cannabis plant and is one of the hundreds of cannabinoids found in the plant. 

Another cannabinoid that most people are familiar with is THC or tetrahydrocannabinol. This is the component responsible for the psychoactive properties of cannabis. 

This is the main difference between THC and CBD. CBD has more medicinal effects rather than a "high" effect.

Is CBD Legal and Regulated?

Canada's laws regarding cannabis, and specifically CBD, are different from anywhere else. 

The good news is that CBD is legal regardless of its THC levels since the Cannabis Act of 2018. This keeps restrictions tight under Canada Health, which regulations the cultivation, sale, and distribution of all cannabis. 

The bad news is that getting a license to sell or grow CBD is difficult. For consumers, however, it makes it one of the safest places to buy and use CBD.

Canadian laws also make international sales difficult under the Cannabis Act, so it keeps products within the country. Specific rules on distribution are decided by the territory or province of operation. 

CBD can come from either hemp-derived (less than .3% THC) or cannabis-derived plants. There is no distinction for legality, so consumers should be aware of the THC levels before purchasing. 

How Do CBD Edibles Work?

All cannabis products work within the endocannabinoid system of the body. They naturally release hormones as cannabinoids interact with nerve receptors. 

One of the most significant actions of CBD is that it regulates serotonin, which affects everything in the nervous system, from mood to pain. 

CBD edibles are particularly popular because they are easy to consume, taste good, and produce long-lasting benefits. This is because edibles need to be digested, which allows the cannabinoids to enter the bloodstream slower. 

While it does take longer to feel the effects of CBD, orally taking CBD will give you prolonged exposure.

What Kind of Edibles Are There?

You can find the best CBD edibles per your taste as there are so many options available in today's market. 

The most common forms are CBD candies, baked goods, gummies, lozenges, chocolates, and drinks (coffee, tea, alcohol, energy drinks, and more). However, CBD can be infused into just about anything as long as it includes fatty acids that help with the absorption process. 

You can even take CBD orally using gel capsules or buy CBD oil to add to your own foods. 

Types of CBD

First, find the right type of CBD for you. Products come in a full-spectrum or isolated CBD. There are benefits to both.

A full-spectrum CBD edible will include the whole cannabis plant that contains all of its natural cannabinoids as well as its terpenes and flavonoids. It also will have traces of THC that varies in potency.

Some people prefer using the full plant as it has other cannabinoids and medicinal properties that could assist the CBD.

When CBD is extracted from the cannabis plant then it becomes a broad spectrum or isolated CBD product. This type of edible ensures you only get CBD.

How and Where to Get Quality CBD

Just about anyone can start up an online CBD shop after obtaining a Federal License, so how do you know who to trust? 

Your first concern should be safety. Verify that the business has a license and is regulated by Health Canada. 

Then check the label of the product to find the producer, license number, THC and CBD levels, and safety and storage instructions. Look for the THC symbol as a quick way to know if it is a high-THC product.  

Next, you want to learn about their reputation. Ask around to see if any friends or family know where to buy CBD edibles. Or look at online reviews to see who has been in the business for a while.

It is a bonus if they have a physical shop where you can see the products and people first-hand. 

Getting Started With CBD

You are now an expert on CBD edibles so your next step is to give it a shot. Start with small dosages and low potency levels to test your tolerance and reactions. 

Once you know what products you enjoy, join our Cannabuzz Club for exclusive discounts and offers.

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