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Sweet Like Candy – The Edibles Edition

Sweet Like Candy – The Edibles Edition


As cannabis production and consumption continues to expand, so too do the methods by which cannabis enthusiasts partake. Pre-rolled joints, vaporizers, dabbing, pipes – there’s something for everyone and all gaining popularity and notoriety in their own right. 

With that said, those methods all require the user to smoke and inhaling smoke isn’t suitable for everyone. Does this leave you dry not high? Most certainly, not. There is another sweet option and today we are shining a sugary spotlight on our edibles.

Not only can edibles be a great way to discreetly use cannabis, it’s an extremely effective way to ingest CBD and THC. At Cannabuzz, we always recommend beginning with a low dose of your edible of choice – it affects everybody differently, and many factors contribute to this. It can take anywhere between 30 minutes and 2 hours to feel the effects of cannabis edibles – when in doubt, go low, go slow.

Special brownies of the past (and present) are only one of the many options available on the market. Sweet cannabis-infused treats come in many shapes and forms: cookies, gummies, chocolate, sparkling beverages and chews.


Staff Favourites 

WANA - Pomegranate Blueberry Acai 5:1 Sour Soft Chews 

High CBD for the win with WANAs Pomegranate Blueberry Acai 5:1 Sour Soft Chews! This tart,  juicy chew is handcrafted with all-natural ingredients and are infused with 50mg THC terpene-enhanced distillate to create to create a 5:1 ratio.


HOUSEPLANT - Grapefruit Sparkling Water 

Our friends over at Houseplant (@SethRogen call me 📞) created this refreshing summertime cannabis-infused sparkling water. With natural grapefruit flavour and 2.5mg of THC it’s great for any occasion where you feel like drinking a cannabis infused beverage.


SPINACH SOURZ - Strawberry Mango Gummies

Spinach mixed luscious strawberry and tropical mango for a flavourful punch in each gummy. Packing 2mg per gummy and 5 per pack, you’ll be able to share with friends! These sweet treats are sure to be crowd pleaser.


LYF EDIBLES - Ice Cream Sandwich Cookies & Cream Chocolate Bites

These Ice Cream Sandwich Cookies & Cream Chocolate Bites are LIFE…. I mean, by LYF! They’re packed with white chocolate, cookie crumbles and 5mg of THC per square! Each pack comes with 2 squares – use with care.


THE VALENS CO.Double Chocolate Brownie

The cannabis-infused brownie of our present, Valens offers their Double Chocolate Brownie filled and topped with THC-infused chocolate ganache – it’s a decadent treat! 


Sugar Coated


There really is something for everyone in this ever-expanding market! Our budtenders are always available to guide you through your desired cannabis-journey. Come visit us today at 1459 Main St. E Hamilton, ON.

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